Awesome Movies and Their Copycats

Amazingly, some of the more popular movies in the past 20 years have been immediately copied within months of their release. See which big time flicks have very similar rivals.

Turner & Hooch / K-9 (1989)

The classic “buddy cop” cliche gets turned on it’s head… or tail!

Babe / Gordy (1995)

Look at the cute talking piglet!

Twister / Night Of The Twisters (1996)

Tornadoes make life on the farm less than ideal.

Antz / A Bug’s Life (1998)

Armageddon / Deep Impact (1998)

In order to save the Earth from a devastating collision with an asteroid (or comet, choose your poison) a team lands on the orbiting hunk of rock and detonates explosives to throw it off course.

Dante’s Peak / Volcano (1998)

Volcanos cause lots of frantic exchanges of dialog followed by action sequences.

The Truman Show (1998) / EDtv (1999)

A man’s life is filmed 24/7. This used to be out of the ordinary.


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