The Highest Insured Celebrity Body Parts in History

If you thought celebrities didn’t insure their most prized possessions, their body parts, then check out this amazing list. These famous entertainers have taken insurance policies out on just about every body part imaginable.

Merv Hugles, cricket player

$317,000 Mustache

Ornella Muti, actress

$350,000 Breasts


Bette Davis, actress

$357,000 Waistline ($28K in 1930s)

Jimmy Durante, actor

$442,000 Nose

Ben Turpin, comedian

$500,000 Eyes ($25K in 1910s)

Rihanna, singer

$1 Million Legs

Keith Richards, guitarist

$1.6 Million Hands

Heidi Klum, model

$2.2 Million Legs

Egon Ronay, food critic

$2.3 Million Taste Buds ($330K in 1960s)

Jamie Lee Cirtis, actress

$2.8 Million Legs

Tina Turner, singer

$3.2 Million Legs




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