The Jobs They Had Before They Were Famous

Jennifer Garner

Before her days as Sydney Bristow in the spy drama “Alias,” the actress admits to being a high school band geek who played the saxophone.


Nicole Kidman

“Days of Thunder” was Nicole Kidman’s American movie debut. But, before she played a young doctor in the racing flick, Kidman paid the bills as a massage therapist in Australia.


Ryan Seacrest

Before his days as the host of “American Idol,” Ryan Seacrest interned with radio station. But, his first day on the Atlanta, GA airwaves only came about because the regular DJ called in sick.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has gained worldwide recognition for her role as Rachel Green, but in the early ’90s, the “Friends” actress worked as a telemarketer, waitress and bike messenger.


George Clooney

George Clooney is the quintessential movie star, but during his high school days, baseball was on the brain. He tried out to play professionally with the Cincinnati Reds. Lucky for Hollywood, he wasn’t offered a contract.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an Academy Award-winning actress, but in 1986 she entered several beauty pageants, walking away with the runner-up title for Miss USA and placing sixth in the Miss World pageant.


Matt Damon

Before Matt Damon was starring in “Good Will Hunting” or “Saving Private Ryan,” the Oscar-winning actor was a Harvard undergrad studying English. But, he traded in his diploma for a chance in Hollywood, leaving the Ivy League just 12 credits short of his degree.


Angelina Jolie

With Jon Voight as her father, acting has always been a part of Angelina Jolie’s life. But, at 14, she briefly left the stage aspiring instead to be a funeral director.


James Franco

James Franco’s known for his role in high profile flicks like the “Spider-Man” Trilogy and “127 Hours”, but long before the days of Academy Award nominations, he flipped burgers at an LA McDonald’s.


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman’s fancy footwork in “Black Swan” wasn’t an act. She started dancing lessons at age four and performed in local troupes as a child.


Demi Moore

These days, actress Demi Moore’s known as one of Hollywood’s hottest A-List celebs. But when she first moved to California it was her job as a debt collection agency that paid the bills.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is Hollywood’s highest paid actor, but prior to “Taps” and “Risky Business” this leading man briefly attended a Franciscan seminary and aspired to become a Catholic priest.


Katy Perry

Before Katy Perry became everyone’s favorite “California Girl,” she was singing gospel music in her parents’ church every Sunday.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Before Gwyneth Paltrow ever hit a red carpet, she worked as a restaurant waitress. With her nightly tips of $11, Paltrow’s frequent purchases included “cigarettes, coffee, and toilet paper,” she told UK newspaper “The Independent.”


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has been melting hearts with her coy smile for more than two decades. But before this Academy Award-winning actress ever read a movie script, she played clarinet in the school band.

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